#FYP, That simple. Everyone shoots now. What makes you different..?

bts photo with the homies, some of you might know them.

Brittany Dailey, Estevan Oriol, David Choe, and TITS

2011 Brazil..!!!

just in case you didnt know..!! here is another Behind the Scene Photo for the

Diamond Supply Co. x Estevan Oriol x Cassie Ventura Photoshoot

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Dope another one reblog….!!!! BTS with Estevan Oriol for Diamond Clothing..

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BTS X Cassie X Estevan Oriol X Diamond Supply Co..

BTS with Cassie X Estevan Oriol X Diamond

Estevan Oriol - Nothing can ever change the way FILM looks..!!!

Day in the Life with a Lowrider coming to the movies very soon..!!

LA Gun Club with David Choe and the Homie Estevan Oriol….

Fam since the day one..!!!!!

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