#FYP, That simple. Everyone shoots now. What makes you different..?

Journey Begins - The Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Rita Ora and Snoop Lion in Thailand for our Music Video in Phuket - Thorn Apart

One of the best things about my job is meeting so many amazing people.

35mm Film with Snoop Lion in Jamaica - Behind the Scenes for Here come the King.

Directed by Andy Capper

Rhianna at Coachella 2012

DP in Thailand - Phuket for Snoop Dogg and Rita Ora

Snoop Dogg in Indio California at Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino

looking back at Coachella 2012 with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 cents, Kendrick Lamar, and Korupt #TBT

Travis Barker and Snoop Dogg at a Playboy Party #TBT

La Premiere of Snoop Doggs #Reincarnated Film.

Snoop Lion at TIFF for Reincarnated..

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